Guido, The story of an immigrant

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This is the story of Guido, but it is also the story of all immigrants who left their homes behind to start life anew in unknown lands where they had to learn new ways of doing things, of speaking, etc. At the age of 13, Guido left his Italian region Marche and arrived in Canada in 1925, where he settled with his family in the working-class St-Henri, Montreal, in the middle of factories and railroad tracks.

« In one sense, this book will be a gift. A gift to those from many nations who melded their lives with those people already in the country. A gift to those who built with the strenght of their arms a part of this country that would not have had the same rich flavour without them. A gift for those who carry on what Guido was, he who conducted his life with courage, brightness and spirit. And lastly, and above all, a gift for him, the hero of her life. The giant, the man of marvels, and the source, the river and the sea … A gift for Mia’s father. A gift for Guido … »

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